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Welcome to our Bar, Pub, Club, Lounge Blog “Write For Us”

There are always new adventures waiting to be explored, and music, light, and dance are no exception. Did you know that there’s a whole world out there beyond what’s on your radio? If so, why not share with us some of those discoveries through writing? We’re looking for articles about anything related in any way: from bars & clubs where we can get wasted together (or alone) all the way down to wine, cocktails, bar accessories, etc  – whatever captures interest!

Guest posts are a great way for music, bar, and food enthusiasts to share their experiences with Barvonderfels.com. We only ask that articles be genuine – not written by someone else or from memory because we want our readership base population of thousands across the country to read everything you have got on offer!

We Are Confident That Our Site Offers Something For Everyone

Barvonderfels‘s blog is the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to learn more about bars and wine accessories or gain insight into how bartenders work or how to make a wonderful cocktail. Whether you’re looking at food recipes that will make your next dinner party perfect (with matching wines!) or want tips on what tools are essential when it comes time to open up bottles of spirits – we’ve got everything covered!

We are always open to new ideas! Share your thoughts with us, and we’ll see what can be done about it.

We have a wide range of domains that can be used for your online business. Our sites host an array of beauty, automotive, and kitchen goods to books or outdoor accessories – each with high DA/ DR rates! If you’re interested, email us at [email protected] for more information about which site would work best suit the kind of product line you want to sell.

We always love getting emails from potential new subscribers! We’ll be happy if you take a look at our guidelines below: 

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  • We appreciate articles of 1,000 words and more
  • Please submit 2-3 images. These should be landscape orientation and submitted along with your content as an attachment.
  • Please create unique, relevant content.
  • You must submit the article in Google Docs and send us the URL with edit access.
  • Use subheadings – H2 or H3 in the article.
  • We DO NOT accept affiliate articles, product reviews, spam SEO articles, … any kind of those.
  • Your URL, which you want to keep as a do-follow (We will accept 1 do-follow link only).
  • The keyword density must be at least 1% – 1.5% (You can use many free tools on the Internet).
  • Your article will be reviewed or edited before it is published. We don’t want any mistakes!

If you are interested in Guest Posting, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] with the title [Guest Post for Bar Vonderfels]

Sponsor Link

In-content Link, Sponsored Link, Paid Link,  Link placement, Niche edit, whatever you call it, this is the type of link that most webmasters want. Just search through my blog for the appropriate anchor text and use it to link your specific URLs. Anyone who donates the amount of at least $$ can pick the anchor text you want and easily get your reference from this blog.

If you are interested in Sponsor Link, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] with the title [Sponsor Link for Bar Vonderfels]

Sponsor Post

We can help you write your content if that’s a problem. We will contact you when the article is finished and provide some suggestions for linkable anchor texts to make it easier for you. We are happy to offer you a price for this service; the cost depends entirely on your needs.

If you are interested in Sponsor Post, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] with the title [Sponsor Post for Bar Vonderfels]

Partnership & Advertise

Would you like to advertise your business on our site? We offer banner ads at the header, footer, or sidebar of some blog posts which are relevant to you. Contact us via email if you are interested in learning more about how this service works.

We also accept Advertise Article and Advertise Post, but our team will review them carefully before publishing them.

The cost of advertising on my website is determined by the type and size of your product or service so that I can get you a custom rate.

If you are interested in Partnership & Advertise, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] with the title [Partnership & Advertise for Bar Vonderfels]

What Happens After I Submit An Article?

You can be sure your work will meet our standards when you send it to us. We don’t accept duplicate content and won’t publish an article that has already appeared elsewhere.

Once an editor approves, your content will be published on our website and shared with you. The process is currently taking 2-3 days, but we’re working to reduce this time frame in the future.

You can increase your reach by sharing the blog post you just published on all of your social media profiles. This will help grow a brand, an audience, and traffic for yourself.

Please DO NOT copy your blog post and publish it again on another website, even if you are the author/owner. This will avoid having duplicate content out there, which can confuse search engines, and disadvantage neither of them in any way.

Which Niche Should One Write-On?

If you love drinking cocktails and listening to music, then the world of bar club lighting is your oyster. We’ve covered everything, from wine discussions to ratings on new bars! Contact us today if there’s anything in particular that catches your eye, whether it be cocktail recipes, discussing equipment at lounges & clubs, or just chatting about what makes a great night out goes down smoothly… Contact us!

You can write about any of the following topics:

  • Bars type
  • Pub, Club, Lounge
  • Digital Device
  • Audio
  • Light
  • Accessories
  • Drinks
  • Service
  • Decor
  • Etc

Contact Us

Barvonderfels.com is always looking for new writers. If you’re an advertising professional with experience in the field, we want to hear from ya! Send via email: [email protected]

We’ll get back within 24-48 hours usually 🙂

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